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Speed Post Incentive Scheme | Post Office Speed Post Incentive Scheme | DOP Incentive Scheme


At present, there is an incentive scheme in Speed post service. the Scheme covers the following:-

i. Incentive for picking up of Speed Post articles from the premises of the regular customers.

ii. Incentive for booking of Speed Post articles.

iii. Incentive for Delivery of Speed Post articles.

From time to time various orders on the subject were issued As such a fresh review of the scheme was carried by the Directorate and the following decisions were made

i. An incentive @ 50 paisa per article will be paid to the officials detailed to pick up Speed Post articles from the premises of customers either on daily basis or specified days subject to a maximum amount of Rs.5/- per customers premises.

ii. An incentive @ 50 paisa per article will be paid to the official who is detailed to book Speed Post articles in such centers where no separate counter has been provided for booking of Speed POST articles and such officials are asked to book Speed Post articles in addition to their normal allotted counter duties,

i. For officials manning counters exclusively provided for booking of Speed Post articles an incentive is currently paid with reference to the specified threshold. The currency of the scheme has recently expired and the order for its extension/renewal is separately under examination and the order to that effect may kindly awaited,

iv. An incentive @ 50 paisa per article collected/delivered In time will be paid to the officials entrusted for delivery of Speed post articles along with other articles allotted as per the normal duties/workload.

3. The expression 'Speed Post articles includes Speed Post Money Orders and Speed Post articles under the Point to "Point as well as the contractual Scheme.

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