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Merger of grades of PAO (Pay & Accounts Officer Pay Level-9) and SrAO (Senior Account Officer Pay Level-10)

Subject : Merger of grades of PAO (PL-9) and SrAO (PL-10) - regarding.

Download Merger of grades of PAO (Pay & Account Officer) (PL-9) and SrAO (PL-10) in PDF

F.No. A-65061(55)/79/2023-Group B-CGA — 686 Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure: O/o Controller General of Accounts New Delhi, 18th September, 2023 OFFICE MEMORANDUM

In pursuance of Department of Expenditure OM No.IS()E-MII(B)2021 dated 26042023 and ID Note no.A-12018/12020-Ad.dated 23.08.2023 on the subject mentioned above, the post of Pay & Accounts Officer in Pay Level-9 of Pay Matrix is hereby upgraded and merged into the grade of Senior Accounts Officer (Group-A) in Pay Level-10 of Pay Matrix w.e.f. 26.04.2023. Accordingly, all the existing posts of Pay & Accounts Officers of CCAS Cadre are upgraded to and redesignated as the post of Sr Accounts Officer (Group-A).

Subsequent to merger of the post of PAO with that of SrAO. the pay of existing PAOs will be regulated in terms of Government of India’s Orders (6) below FR-23 w.e.f date of merger (26.04.2023).

After merger of the posts of PAO and Sr. Accounts Officer the feeder cadre for promotion to the post of Sr. Accounts Officer will be Assistant Accounts Officer (Pay Level-8), Draft Recruitment Rules for Sr. Accounts Officer post notifying aforesaid amendments have already been initiated.

This issues with the approval of the Controller General of Accounts.

( Satish K. Jadhav )

Deputy Controller General of Accounts



Copyto: Under Secretary, E-1II/B Section, Department of Expenditure. M/o Finance. North Block, New Delhi

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