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IPPB Cash Management Service (CMS) Process/Steps in MATM & System | IPPB CASH MANAGEMENT under BBPS bill payments module

Standard Operating Process (SOP) for Cash Collection Services Under Cash Management Service (CMS) Arrangement

Download IPPB SOP for Cash Management Service (CMS) in PDF

India Post Payments Bank Post Bank Ref: IPPB/ Dated: 17.11.2022

I. Introduction:

In our endeavor to enhance our customer experience and stay ahead of competition, IPPB is regularly reviewing its existing product offerings and improving it by addition of new functionalities /product features. Bill Payments is one of the widely utilized and popular product which has been available to IPPB Account holders from day one since IPPB has started its operations.

We are glad to inform you that IPPB has introduced new category “CASH MANAGEMENT” under BBPS bill payments module, so that we can process the collection transactions of billers with whom we are getting into Cash Management Service (CMS). This document will give a detailing how to process the transactions and related information.

II. Login & Navigation to Bill payments — Cash Management Option in MATM

End user’s login process to IPPB MATM Application will remain same and as per the existing process end users will select the dedicated “Bill payments” icon from the dashboard.

Collection flow:

i. Once the user logged into MATM, they have to select “Bill Payments” menu and user will be navigated to the bill payments home screen.

ii. Then customer validation screen will appear, user has to select either CASH or IPPB ACCOUNT on which mode the customer wants to pay the bill.

iii. User should strictly select the CASH mode of payment as these payments will always be in cash mode.

iv. Then end user will carry out the customer validation with Mobile number and OTP.

v. After customer validation, user will be provided with list of Biller categories for selection, user can view the complete list of billers by clicking on “View More” option on top and select the required Biller category.

vi. User should select “Cash Management” category and once selected, user can further select the Biller. (User can search the biller name)

vii. Post which user will input the necessary “Customer identification” details i.e. mobile number, customer id, policy number etc. as required by the biller and proceeds for Bill fetch or to payment in case of normal remittance.

viii. System will validate the input customer details and fetch the bill amount (and if amount is mentioned earlier that will also get validated in some cases, in case of DTH amount will not be validated as customer can pay any amount) and system will display the complete bill details as received from biller. In the next screen user will be provided with the complete amount that has to be collected from the customer or the amount that will be debited form the IPPB Account accordingly.

ix. Post which user submits the transaction for payment and system will complete the payment.


» In specific billers, end user will be able to edit the amount — please consult the customer/depositor before confirming the transaction

» If possible try to input the customer email id, using which we will be sharing the receipt on mail — which will ease the requirement of transaction proof

» Post completion of payment user will be able to generate the payment receipt

» Subsequently, bill payment and debit related alerts/SMS will be sent to customer over the mobile and email as well

MATM Transaction History:

All the bills paid/ cash collected for the respective customer will be available through this screen/menu. User can navigate through Payment history option where they can find the list of transactions processed for that customer and also a payment receipt can be generated from this option.


» The end user wise transaction will be part of general transaction history and also at the BBPS transaction history of the application dashboard.

III. Login & Navigation to Bill payments — Cash Management Option in CBS (Finacle) IPPB uses common platform for all the bill payments and cash collections. DoP/ IPPB Bank official logs into IPPB CBS(Finacle).

» Selects “CBBPSN” menu option Once the menu is selected user will be navigated to the home screen and customer mobile number validation screen will appear

» Invoke CBBPSN and input the Mobile number as the primary customer validator. System will validate and trigger OTP only if the customer is transacting for the first time and incase of customer already paid bill earlier then there won’t be any OTP validation

» Click on biller category selection button, a list of biller categories will appear. In that list select the “Cash Management” category.

» Once the category is selected user can further select the Biller. To select the biller user can use the State and City filters as well if the system is taking time to fetch billers list.

» After selecting the biller, user will input the necessary “Customer identification” details i.e. Client Validation No (as shown in below screen) and will be different from biller to biller. And click on “Fetch Bill” or “Pay Now” in case of normal remittance.

» “Pay Now” will only get enabled after inputting all the details and completing the bill fetch.

» Upon submission system will process the request and confirmation will be displayed, and customer will get the payment confirmation over mail. If email id also provided then a receipt will be sent to mail as well.

Transaction History (CBBPSH):

» Invoke CBBPSH and select required filters and input the details.

Payments FAQs:

Ql. How do I make payments instantly?

Al. Select the category of your biller that you want to make a payment for. After that select the biller, enter the input required by the biller (like consumer number, mobile number etc.) to fetch the bill immediately. After you get your bill details, enter/confirm the payment details and click on the pay now button to make a payment against the fetched bill instantly.

Q2. How do I know if my transaction was successful?

A2. On clicking on the pay now button, you will get a response regarding the status of your payment. If the status of your payment is ‘Failed’, then you shall receive an instant refund and you can handover the cash to customer OR in the payment is made from customer account then refund will be processed within 3 working days. In case your transaction status is ‘Pending/ In Progress’, kindly wait for some time and check your transaction status before initiating the payment again.

Q3. Will I have proof of successful payments?

A3. You are given a reference number upon successful payments that are debited (GDS Teller Account in case of Cash Payment). Further, we will send a payment confirmation over SMS as well as email if, email is provided while making payment.

Q4. What if I forget transaction reference number?

A4. You can get your transaction reference number by going to Payment History; you can view your Payment Transactions History of up to 365 days.

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