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    Extension of POSB Maha Mela till 28th February 2023 | Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) Mela/Camps 2023

    subject: Extension of PosB Maha Mela, 20-24 February, 2023- reg,

    F.No. FS-10/17/2022-FS-DOP

    (FS Division)

    Dated : 24th february, 2023.

    This is continuation of this office letter of even no. dated 11.02.2023 regarding POSB Maha Mela, 20-24 February,2023 (copy enclosed)

    2. As you are aware that the Mela was initially scheduled for 20-24 February, 2023. In order to allow Circles to open 50 account per PO, the same has been extended till 27.02.2023, It has been learnt that there are State Elections in Meghalaya and Nagaland on 27.02.2023. 

    Accordingly, the POSB Maha Mela under reference is extended till 28.02.2023 for all the Circles.

    3. Some circles have requested to allow opening of Post Offices on 26/02/2023 i.e. Sunday for the drive, such circles are requested to intimate the same by return email today for further arranqements'

    4. Circles are requested to grab thls opportunity for achieving their POSB Targets well in advance during the Mela, All other condition of letter under reference hold good.

    5. This issues with the approval of competent authority'

    ADG (Marketing) : It is requested to give wide publicity to PosB Maha Mela on Social Media in coordination with the Circles for amplifying the desirable outcome

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