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    Misappropriation of Government money to the tune of 1.50 Crore committed by Treasurer in Head Post Office (HO)

     No. 07-01/2022PA(IA)-832-853

    Government of India

    Ministry of Communication

    Department of Posts

    Internal Audit Division

    Dated: 07.07.2022

    Sub: Misappropriation of Government money to the tune of 1.50 Crore committed by Treasurer  

    This is regarding misappropriation of Government money to the tune of Rs 1.5 Crore committed by an official while working as Treasurer in one HO.

    Modus operandi in the case was as under:

    An official while working as Treasurer during 2020-21 showed cash remittance to Branch Offices in CSI- SAP module via teode ZFFV50 at HO. He used to then receive/acknowledge the case of concerned BO on the same day in CSI-SAP module. whereas no physical cash was remitged to BO concerned. He adjusted the BO cash balance by doing fake entry of SB/RD withdrawal in CST SAP module via t.code FBO1. In some cases, he directly transferred amount from the Profit Centre of HO via FB01 t-code in CSI SAP module to the Profit Centre of BO and adjusted the increased cash balance

    Now, CEPT Mysuru has provided a seperate T-Code ZFSI-DOC_LOG which will provide the details of the manual voucher postings done in that Facility ID.

    All are requested to strictly adhere to the rules and procedure so that such irregularities may not occur

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