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    MCQs on Postal Manual Volume 6 Part 3 | Quiz Questions and Answers on Postal Manual Volume VI Part 3 | LGO Exam MCQ Set [46]

    MCQs On Postal Manual Volume 6 Part 3 ,Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on Postal Manual Volume VI Part III. SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers.Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.


    1. If Postmaster has reason to doubt a subordinate postmasters honesty for example if he believes that credit is not given for postage recovered on insufficiently taxed articles or that money is otherwise misappropriated he should communicate his suspicion to the_______.

    A Divisional Head

    B Regional Head

    C Either Divisional Head or Sub Divisional Head

    D Sub Divisional Heado




    2. Which One of the below form used as BO summary?

    A ACG 22A

    B ACG 3A

    C ACG 3

    D ACG 1




    3. Sub office and branch offices exchange ______& _________ respectively with their account offices daily.

    A Account Bag & BO Bag

    B Account Bag & BO Daily Accounts

    C Mail Bag & BO Bag

    D Account Bag & Registered Bag




    4. The transactions of sub office and branch offices are entered in the SO summary in Form No _____and the BO summary respectively maintained in the account office.

    A ACG 3A

    B ACG 3

    C ACG 4

    D ACG 5




    5. If account office is Head office then the transactions entries of sub office and branch offices (summaries) are included in the ________

    A HO Summary

    B HO Cash Book

    C HO Sub Account

    D HO Balance Sheet




    6. If a Voucher that is required in support of an entry in a daily account is not submitted by branch or sub office the action of subaccount PA should be

    A Report the issue to SDI

    B Report the issue to postmaster concerned

    C Return the accounts for resubmission

    D Admitted and should be called upon in the next SO slip or BO slip for submission



    7. MO Paid Form No of SO______& BO Daily Account Form No_______.

    A MO 4(s) & ACG 22 A

    B MO 5(s) & ACG 23

    C MO 6(s) & ACG 22 A

    D MO 2 & ACG 22




    8. Whenever a voucher is wanting a remark should be written by the Sub Acct PA on the daily account against the particulars of the missing document and attested by the initials of_______

    A Sub Account PA

    B Postmaster

    C Both Postmaster & Sub Account PA

    D Either Sub Account PA or Postmaster




    9. A note of the sub accounts irregularities by subordinate offices should be made in the ______

    A Complaint Book

    B Daily Account

    C Error Book

    D SO Slip or BO Slip



    10. In Head office such amounts charged to unclassified payments should be dealt within the same manner as items of

    A Advances paid

    B Advances recoverable

    C Bills paid

    D Interest recovery



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