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Dak Community Development Program (DCDP)

Dak Community Development Program (DCDP). India Post, Bringing Government to your Doorsteps

The current practice of organizing melas/camps in a staggered manner, without synchronization between local authorities and different divisions announcing different dates, lacks consideration for local conditions and circumstances results in waste of time, money and manpower. The sporadic occurrence of POSB melas, PLI melas, and IPPB login days further exacerbates the problem. In order to address these issues the new approach after extensive deliberations and inputs from field units and relevant divisions of Dak Bhawan has been decided.

The proposed solution advocates for a new approach called the Dak Community Development Program, which aims to raise awareness about DOP's new services, consolidate central and state government information and services, expand customer enrollment for government schemes, involve local state government officials in planning and execution, establish a common branding, execution strategy, communication plan, and KPIs, and prioritize advanced planning, data sharing, and stakeholder participation for a larger goal of community development.

Once approved, the document will be signed by the Deputy Directors General (DDSG) of the relevant divisions and future melas will be replaced exclusively by DCDP events.

Next Steps

i) The marketing division will prepare creatives, banners, standees backdrop

ii) Dashboard will be prepared by the technology division. 

iii) India Post Service Movie will be prepared by Inspector marketing in coordination with OA marketing with the support of field units of DOP 

IV) BPM's training needs related documents to be prepared by Asstt Divisional Manager (PLI), MP Circle and further based on this document a course on Karmayogi portal to be designed for BPMS with the support of Asstt. Divisional Manager (PLI), MP Circle.

v) SOP for BPMs and SDHS to be prepared by ADM(PLI), Delhi Circle. 

vi) A brochure of products and services of the DOP will be prepared, the content will be provided by SPOs, Mahesana and designing will be done by the Marketing Division, Dak Bhawan

vii) Circles will conduct a workshop for DHS and SDHS to orient and prepare them for the DCDP event

viii) One PA to be identified and trained at DO level for data entry and Quality assurance 

IX) One PA should be identified at each Sub Division for monitoring and assisting the SDH

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