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DOP Mission Lifestyle for Environment Day (LIFE) Events and Activities | World Environment Day Events and Activities Awareness List

Subject: Organizing events and activities about Mission Lifestyle for Awareness (LiFE) before the World Environment Day in Post Offices (India Post) — reg.

Download Lifestyle for Environment Day (LIFE) Events and Activities in PDF

Download DOP Mission Lifestyle (LiFE) Brochure in PDF

No. BDG-27/29/2023-Building-DOP Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Estates Division Dak Bhawan. Sansad Marg New Delhi-110001 Dated: 11.05.2023

I am directed to enclose herewith copy of D.O. letter dated 04th May, 2023 received from Secretary. Department of Personnel and Training, GOI along with Brochure LiFE on the subject cited above for reference.

2. As urged by the Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training, GOI various activities on daily basis w.e.f. 15th May, 2023 till 05th June, 2023 have been prepared for Mission Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) and is enclosed herewith. Details and photographs of the activities may be shared on daily basis with this Directorate for further necessary action.

3. It is also requested to encourage officers/officials and trainees under your jurisdiction to take pledge on Mission LiFE on 5th June. 2023 online on designated portal ( A copy of the Pledge is also enclosed herewith. Trainee officers/officials should be encouraged to share best practices on LiFE with fellow trainees. All the Mess and cafeterias in the training institutions should start serving in small portions to minimise food wastage and set up composting centers. Newly recruited candidates recruited through Rozgar Melas (Mission Recruitment) may be encouraged to become LiFE volunteers for conduct of activities and document their experience in the form of micro learning bytes with suitable captions.

4. Activities should be highlighted on different social media platforms.

5. Apart from this, it is requested to include LiFE related curriculum and best practices for all future training courses. workshops and seminars which are to be conducted by the Trailing Centres for Mission Lifestyle for Awareness (LiFE).

6. A nodal officer may also please be appointed for submitting the daily report about the awareness campaign and LiFE events undertaken by the training institution.


DOP Mission Lifestyle Activities and Events


Paryawaran Par Charcha


Essay, Quiz and Poster Competitions on theme of Mission LiFE


Elocution Competitions on theme of Mission LIFE


Organizing Seminar/hackathons on Mission Life (Emphasizing best practices in our lifestyle that can help conserve environment)


Cleaning of Solar Power Packs and Rain Water Harvesting Structures (If available


Tree Plantation


Posts, tweets on Mission LiFE on different social media platform


Workshops for conservation of water


A Walking initiative with banners, posters etc for spreading awareness about Mission LiFE


Organizing Special Drive for cleanliness e-waste, minimal use of single used plastic etc.


Organizing Drive for cleanliness which includes making offices neat and clean, segregation of organic/inorganic/e-waste, minimal use of single used plastic etc.


Rangoli Competition on theme of Mission LiFE


Discussion on Global Warming and how to counter it with Mission LiFE


Wall Art Painting on the theme of significance of Environment conservation


Awareness among Officials about serving smaller portions of food to avoid its wastage by Head of Offices


Celebration of World's Environment Day; Take pledge on Mission LiFE on 5th June, 2023 online on designated portal (

Press Release about the activities undertaken till date by Division Office, Region Office and Circle Office

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