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DOP Master Trainers (User Champions) Training by M/S Illumine Knowledge Resources

This is regarding training of Master Trainers and User Champions by M/S Illumine Knowledge Resources Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai-Knowledge partner engaged by the Department of Post (DOP) for capacity building of its frontline staff. In this regard please refer undersigned DO letter of even no dated 02.03.2023

Dinesh Kumar Sharma Deputy Director General (Mission Karmayogi) Tel: 011-23044994 Email: D.O. No. Tr. 01/4/2021-Training-DOP Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 Dated, the 18th May, 2023

Download DOP Master Trainers (User Champions) Training by M/S Illumine Knowledge Resources in PDF

2. The trainings will be organised at 20 identified locations as mapping detailed in Annexure-A Circles are requested to make their training plan well in advance for Smooth conduction of the trainings.

3. The trainings will be imparted in five phases beginning from 22.05.2023, there will be 30 trainees in a section. It will be a 5 days program to be imparted by professionals Circles are requested to ensure relieving of manpower from their circles to utilize 100% seats as the Department is incuming expenditure for conducting this specialized training. It is also advised to make advance planning for upcoming batches for smooth conduction of the trainings in consultation with concerned PTC/RTC/WTC

4. It is also requested to first nominate WTC Trainers, Sub divisional Heads, System Managers and Mal Overseers on priority as they will be more useful in imparting further 2 days soft skill to remaining frontline workers. 

5. Circles should direct the Divisional Heads to plan trainings of remaining frontline staff well before completion of the training of the first batch of Master Trainers and User Champions This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority

In a proactive move to strengthen its front-line staff and improve service delivery, the Department has engaged M/S Illumine Knowledge Resources Pvt. Ltd. as its knowledge partner for training Master Trainers and User Champions. This initiative is a significant step towards capacity building and empowering the workforce to meet the evolving demands of their roles.

Letter Highlights

1. Training Locations:

The Department, through a DO letter of even no. dated 02.03.2023, outlined the key details of the training program. Here are the key points emphasized in the letter:

2. Advanced Training Planning:

The training sessions will be conducted across 20 identified locations, as outlined in Annexure-A. The mapping of these locations ensures widespread coverage and accessibility for the participants.

3. Training Phases and Format:

Circles have been requested to meticulously plan the training schedules well in advance to ensure smooth conduction of the sessions. This proactive approach will facilitate optimal utilization of resources and enable effective coordination.

4. Priority Nomination:

The training will be conducted in five phases, commencing from 22.05.2023. Each session will accommodate 30 trainees, and the program will span five days. The Department has engaged professionals to impart specialized knowledge, underlining the commitment to providing high-quality training.

5. Timely Planning for Future Batches:

To maximize the impact of the program, the Department has advised circles to prioritize the nomination of WTC Trainers, Sub-divisional Heads, System Managers, and Mail Overseers. These individuals will play a pivotal role in cascading the acquired knowledge through an additional two-day soft skill training for the remaining front-line workers.

To ensure a seamless flow of training, the Department advises circles to plan ahead for upcoming batches in collaboration with concerned PTC/RTC/WTC. This forward-thinking approach will facilitate efficient training management and minimize any disruption to regular operations.

The Department's capacity building program signifies its commitment to fostering a skilled and motivated workforce. By engaging M/S Illumine Knowledge Resources Pvt. Ltd. and organizing comprehensive training sessions, the Department is taking proactive measures to equip its front-line staff with the necessary skills and knowledge. This initiative is a significant investment towards enhancing overall performance and delivering exceptional service to the public.

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