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CGHS Handbook 2023 | Download CGHS Circulars Handbook 2023 in PDF | CGHS Compendium Rules book 2023

CGHS Handbook has been compiled keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the members of CGHS specially the pensioners in getting information about CGHS . Many members do not know about facilities available at CGHS and its functioning. The difficulties are specially faced in matters of getting medicines, referral procedure, investigation and treatment procedures, treatment in case of emergency, list of empanelled hospital and most important reimbursement of medical claims .How to present their grievances and to whom is also a problem. All the information about CGHS is available on site and and other related links. 

Download CGHS Handbook 2023 in PDF

However many senior citizen are not aware of use of computers and specially online work like login , OTP, password etc. Though most of them now know use of Smartphone but find it difficult to operate due to small fonts and vision problem and use is limited to WHATSAPP Group or Facebook . To overcome this problem I felt necessity of getting information about CGHS in the form of HANDBOOK which can be accessed by all the CGHS members’ offline and in readable fonts. This handbook can be downloaded on their Laptop, Mobile and saved in documents for reading any time without any Network. If one wants, Printout can be taken and bound in a book form for reading even for those who cannot operate smartphone. The Handbook can be used as ready reckoner in meeting with authorities to show what the rule is given on CGHS website. 

To keep the authenticity I have used cut and paste method and not inserted any words of my own. It is just a compilation of authentic information. We have a group in the name of CGHS BENEFICIARY WELFARE ASSOCIATION on FACEBOOK having strength of more than 9500 members. The association gives authentic information and helps the members to get their problems resolved by taking up the matter with concerned authorities. Our association website is CBWAI.SIMDIF.COM. The association has been registered with Registrar of Societies under Societies Registration Act 1860 at New Delhi All the CGHS card holders serving and retired are requested to become paid member of our association by filling the form from our website and paying one time subscription of 300/- The book has been updated with circulars issued in up to 2022. I hope the Handbook will be useful to the members. Any suggestions and additional information to include are welcome.

CGHS Subjects

CGHS Links

Page Nos

Information about CGHS



Eligibility for joining CGHS and Criteria



Facilities available under CGHS



CGHS covered cities



Wellness Centre Timings and Online Registration/Appointment



CGHS Contribution and Ward Entitlement



Interactive Online services & 24x7 National CGHS Helpline



Plastic Cards



Supply of Medicines


Supply of medicines from wellness centre


Authorizing Beneficiaries to Purchase Medicines


Issuance of Restricted Medicines



Procedure for Referral



Investigations and Treatment Procedures






Reimbursement of Medical Claims









CGHS Beneficiaries welfare Association of India

Introduction. Managing Committee and Executive Committee


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