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Final Combined All India IP (Inspector Post) Seniority List 2014 | Download IP List 2014 in PDF

Subject: Final Provisional Combined A11 India Seniority List of inspector post (IP) for the Year 2014-regarding

Download Final IP Seniority List 2014 in PDF


Dated: 20th February, 2023

All India Draft Seniority List of Inspector Posts Cadre for the year 2014 was uploaded on India Post official website. Draft was attempted on the basis of records piovided by Departmental Examination Section and SPN Branch of the Department, which was uploaded. on the Department's website vide communication No. X-07/4/2O21-SPN-II dated 08th Mar, 2O21 for comments of all stakeholders and providing inputs by concerned Postal Circles. Draft seniority list of Inspector Posts for the year 2Ol4 has been attempted / prepared in the following manner:

(a) Rotation of two Inspector Posts from LDCE and one from Direct Recruitment.

(b) Remaining promote employees (LDCE) are placed en-bloc below the candidates who are already placed in the seniority list.

(c) SC/ST candidates qualified under Review result, if any.

(d) Personnel serving in Army Postal Service have been placed enbloc below the officials at (a) (b) & (c) above on the basis of information furnished by the Circle concerned, if any.

2. The officials who secured same marks in the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination have been clubbed together and their interse-seniority had been decided in the following manner:

(i) In case of the officials belonging to same feeder cadre, the date of their joining in the feeder cadre will be the criteria i.e., who had joined the feeder cadre earlier will be senior. If their date of joining in the feeder cadre is also same, the date of birth will be the criteria i.e., the person age-wise senior will figure ahead of junior in the seniority list;

(ii) In case of he officials-belonging to different feeder cadres, official in the higher grade will be deemed to be to be senior to those in lower grade;

(iii) In case of officials belonging to different feeder cadres with identical scales of pay, the date of their joining in the feeder cadre will be the criteria i.e., who had joined the feeder cadre earlier  will be senior. If their date ofjoining in the feeder cadre is also same, the date of birth will be the criteria i.e., the person age-wise senior will figure ahead of junior in the seniority list:

(iv)  In case of candidates serving in APS and declared 'qualified" in IPO Examination under concession available of APS personnel, list of officials completed 3 years of service as JCO has been obtained from APS Directorate. These officials have been interpolated according to date of completion of B years of JCo. In case, daioof completion of 3 years of JCo is same for two or more officials, they have been interpolated as per marks obtained by these officials in LDCE-IP. strength of IP cadre and in case of any discrepancy, the same may be brought to the notice of Directorate.

3. All the Circles were requested to circulate draft seniority list among all the candidates vide letter dated 08th Mar, 2021 and.intimate the requisite information those were left blank in the draft seniority list to the Directorate. Further, Postal Circles wero required to intimate discrepancy, if any, found in the draft seniority list i.e., Name/category/Rank etc. In case any official had been transferred to other Circie under provisions of Rule-38, promoted to higher grade, resigned, etc. actual date of transfer / promotion / resignation was also to be informed. On receipt of information from Circles, 56 names have been excluded from seniority list.

4. After deletion of 56 rercords, an A11 India Final Provisional fnter-se Seniority List 2014 has been prepared wherein Inspector Posts qualified under meritorious standards in LDCE 2014 have been placed from Sl No. 1-239. There are 66 APS candidates who have completed 3 years of JCO and have been placed in Seniority List for the year 2014 placed from Sl No.240 to 306 in the pattern mentioned at para 2(iv) above.

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