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DARPAN Android (Mobile) App New Version (v 1.0.12) released for Branch Post Offices

New Version of Unified DARPAN Android App v 1.0.12 released on 18th February 2023 by CEPT Mysuru.

The following issues were addressed/fixed in the new release of Unified DARPAN Android App v 1.0.12.

1. Speed Post - full prepaid, partial prepaid and postage due issue resolved.

2. BODA report printing date changed to BODA generation date instead of current date.

3. Profile screen UI adjust made to fit in mobile and tab.

4. Cash Deposit transactions for all types of SB Schemes (SBGEN, SBCHQ, BPWC & SBBAS)

5.  Displaying the DTR transactions report for all types of SB Schemes.

6. SB Withdrawal - Displaying the signatures, Aadhar Number, Account Holder details for SB Joint Account type (Tested Joint-B, Couldn’t come across any Joint A Account even in the Production environment).

7. Enabled logs for both Request and Responses in CBS and INSURANCE

8. SSA new account transaction was not visible in DTR of SSA Transactions and was visible only in ALL Types of Transactions. Resolved the same

9. Fixed BODA generation issue due to changes in speed post.

10.  RPLI transaction which is successful by transaction update is available in DTR but amount not available in total.

11. Handled the above RPLI case in BODA and BODA reports.

12. Mails Transaction report is not getting generated after changing speed post, issue fixed.

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