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    IPPB Premium Khata Maha Login Campaign | 3-day Maha-EU (End User) ACTIVATION Drive with PTL campaign Booster offer in Post Offices

     No. PB-06/3/2022-PBI-DOP 

    (PBI Division)

    Dated 06th December 2022

    Subject: Proposal for a 3-day Maha-EU ACTIVATION Drive with PTL campaign Booster offer.

    I am directed to refer to subject mentioned above and to state that PTL campaign is in full swing now but so far only 3.40 Lakh+ Khatas has been generated with aggregate End User (EU) activation during the campaign period at 30,000. In a bid to upscale the trajectory of Premium KHATA acquisitions on a much-needed scale (at least triple times the present daily run-rate), the Daily EU ACTIVATION is identified as an important tool. The EU Activation trajectory has to fast move up to atleast 50,000+ levels and then only a sizeable progress can be made in the envisaged performance levels.

    2. Accordingly, it has been decided to conduct a 3 days Maha-EU ACTIVATION drive from 07th to 09th Dec, 2022. Details of the drive along with bonus pointer to the ongoing PTL campaign and targets to the drive are mentioned at Annexure-I and II respectively.

    3. In view of above, all the Circles are requested to take necessary action to upscale the End-User Activation in this 3-day Maha-EU ACTIVATION Drive to exhibit desirable results in acquisition of PREMIUM Accounts.

    (Mithilesh Kumar Mandal)

    Assistant Director General (PBI-II) Tel: 23044794

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