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    Duties of Mail Overseer (MO) | Download Duties of Mail Overseer in PDF/PPT | Duties of Mail Overseer (MO) in Postal Sub Division

    Duties of MAIL OVERSEER are mentioned below:

    Download Duties (Roles and Responsibilities) of Mail Overseer (Post Office) in PDF   

                                 Source: https://www.slideserve.com/cutter/duties-of-a-mailoverseer?fitview=true#ssShare

    Mail Over seer is the integral part of a Sub Division. Mail Over seer is subordinate to the Sub Divisional Head. He shall Accompany the sub divisional head on official tour. He has to Carry out mandatory visits of branch office.

    Perform inspection of BOs as ordered by the Sub Divisional Head. Perform mandatory checks to prevent frauds. Assist Sub divisional Head in investigating frauds.

    Mail Related Duties


    Post Test letter/card to check the punctual clearance of letter boxes by GDSMD of the BO


         > the Working hours,

         > Mails receipts & despatch timings

         > LB clearance timings of each BO in his jurisdiction


         - Articles in deposit

         - Date of receipt

         - Condition

         - Reason for non delivery

    The mail overseer should have a copy of 

    - beat list and route map

    - Village sorting list

    - Letter box statement

    should know the standard delivery remarks

    The mail overseer should verify

    - Accountable articles in Postman or GDSS bag Confirm the genuineness of the remarks

    - Check unregistered articles

    - Tally undelivered MOs with cash in hand

    - Verify VP Collection/Unpaid articles

    - Check articles in deposit

    - Condition ofarticles in deposit

    - Date ofreceipt ofthese articles

    - Ifany Intimation has been served

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