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Kukke Subramanya Shasti 2022 | Skanda Shasti 2022 Date, Program List, Rathotsava Timings, Pooja Seva Services complete details

Kukke Subramanya Shasti 2022 is celebrated on 29th November 2022 (Margashira Shukla Shashti - the sixth day of the waxing phase of moon in Margashirsh month (November – December). Kukke Sri Subrahmanya Temple, Subrahmanya, Kadaba Taluk, Dakshina Kannada 574238.

Kukke Subramanya Shasti Rathotsava (Program/Schedule) Date, Timings 2022: 

On 28th November 2022 Evening : Panchami Rathotsava

On 29th November 2022 Morning: Skanda (Subramanya) Shasti Rathotsava  

List of following Pooja Seva (Services) not available for the period from 27th November to 05th December 2022 due to Shasti Jatra (Program) in Kukke Subramanya Temple. 

Attention to Devotees: 

1. On 27-11-2022 (Chowthi) and 28-11-2022 (Panchami) there will be no night prayer service for devotees. There will be no afternoon prayer service on 29-11-2022 (Champashashti).


2. On 29-11-2022 Ashela Bali and Nagapratisthe services will not be performed on Champashashti day.


3. On 23-11-2022 (Lakshdeepotsava), 27-11-2022, 28-11-2022, 29-11-2022, 05-12-2022 Panchamrita Mahabhisheka Seva will not be held.


4. Due to the annual Champashashti Jatra, the evening Ashlesha Bali service will not be held from 21-11-2022 to 05-12-2022.


Why is Skanda Shasti 2022 celebrated?

  • Subramanya is believed to have killed Demon Tarakasur on this day.
  • It is believed that if one does Skanda Darshana (visit Skanda temple), Snaana (bath) and Daana (giving alms) on this day then he will be from all his sins.
  • If one performs Skanda Shasti prayers, then they will be relieved from Sarpa Doshas (difficulties from snakes) and skin diseases.
  • The devotee will also be blessed with healthy children.

How is Subramanya Shasti celebrated?

On this day we have to perform pooja of Subramanya and visit temples. Subramanya Swami is worshipped in the form of five- hooded snake. While doing the Subramanya Shasti we have to do the pooja mainly to Sankapala, one of the serpents. Shankapalantargata Sankarshanaya nama: We have to chant “Om ram skandhaaya nama: Om” while inviting Subramanya. We have to chant “Dhanu:shaktidharo dhyEya: kaamado bhayanaashana:” for dhyana shloka.


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