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Amount and conditions for grant of pension under Central Civil Services (CCS) (Pension) Rules 2021

F. No. 38/01(05)/2022-P&PW(A)

Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions

Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare

Dated: 26.10.2022

Office Memorandum

Subject: Amount and conditions for grant of pension under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 2021

Download CCS Pension Rules 2021 in PDF

The undersigned is directed to say that Department of Pension has notified the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 2021 in Supersession of the Central Civil Service (Pension) Rules, 1972. In accordance with sub-rule (1) of Rule 44 of the Central Civil Service (Pension) Rules, 2021, a Goverment servant, becomes eligible for grant of a pension on retirement under 

rule 33 (Superannuation Pension)

rule 34 (Retiring Pension)

rule 35 (Pension on absorption in or under a State Government)

rule 36 (Pension on absorption in or on absorption consequent upon conversion of a Government Department into a Central Autonomous Body) or 

rule 39 (invalid Pension)

after completing a qualifying service of not less than ten years

The pension in all such cases is calculated at the rate of fifty per cent of emoluments or average emoluments, whichever is more beneficial to him, subject to a minimum of nine thousand rupees per month and maximum of one lakh twenty-five thousand rupees per month.

2. The above rule further provides that a Government servant who retires on Invalid Pension under rule 39 before completing a qualifying service of ten years shall also be eligible for an invalid pension calculated at fifty per cent of emoluments or average emoluments, whichever is more beneficial to him and the condition of completion of minimum qualifying service of ten years shall not be applicable for grant of pension in his case if he/she fulfils the conditions mentioned in sub-rule (9) of rule 39,

3. In calculating the length of qualifying service, fraction of a year equal to three months and above is treated as a completed six monthly period and reckoned as qualifying service. In the case of a Government servant who has rendered a qualifying service of nine years and nine months or more but less than ten years, his qualifying service for the Purpose of this rule shall be ten years and he shall be eligible for pension accordingly

4. All Ministries/Departments are requested that the above provisions rcparding grant of pension under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 2021 may be brought to the notice of the personne! dealing with the pensionary benefits in the Ministry/Department and attached/subordinate offices thereunder, for strict implementation.

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