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GDS Compassionate Appointment | Committee on Compassionate Engagement (CCE) Minutes for GDS Engagement on Compassionate Grounds

The Committee on Compassionate Engagement (CCE) met on 29.07.2022 and examined the applications received from dependants of 47 (Forty Seven) Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDSs) seeking for engagement as Gramin Dak Sevaks on compassionate grounds.

1. The Committee after taking into account of all facts of the cases & in accordance with the guidelines governing the scheme of compassionate appointment circulated vide Directorate's letter Nos. 17-61/2003-GDS dated 01.03.2004, 17-17/2010-GDS dated 30.05.2017, 17-0112017-GDS dated 18.12.2019, 17-30/2019-GDS dated 14-02-2020 and 17-0112017-GDS(Vol-l) dated 09.02.2022 approved 43 cases for engagement to any BPM/ABPM/Dak Sevaks post and allotted them to the Region shown against each. Further allotment to Divisions will be done by the concerned Regional Heads. The details of 43 approved candidates are furnished in ANNEXURE I.

2. The Competent Authority shall issue engagement orders after verifying all the eligibility conditions/ documents/ certificates and subject to availability of vacancies. Before issuing engagement order to all approved cases, the Competent Authority should ensure that the approved candidates fulfill the mandatory requirements for recruitment to GDSposts vide Directorate letter no. 17-30/2019-GDS dated 14-02-2020. The approved candidates should be engaged subject to verification of certificates, as per Directorate letter no. 17-39/2012-GDS dated 20.5.2016 and letter No. 17-1712010-GDS dated 30.05.2017 and letter No. 17-30/2019-GDSdated 14-02-2020and letter No. 17-01/2017-GDS(Vol-l)dated 09.02.2022.

3. Engagement on compassionate grounds should be made only against regular GDS vacancies. To the extent possible, compassionate engagement should be offered to a GDSpost nearer to the place where the family of the deceased GDS normally resides. However, if there are no suitable vacancies to immediately engage the applicant, any post in the same Sub Division or Division may be offered. The date of engagement should be intimated to this office without fail.

4. A person engaged on compassionate grounds under the scheme should give an undertaking in writing that he/she will properly maintain the other family members who were dependent on GDSin question and in case it is proved subsequently (at any time) that the family members are being neglected or are not maintained properly by him/her, the engagement may be terminated forthwith. Such a clause shall also be incorporated as one of the additional conditions in the offer of engagement.

5. Seniority of the person engaged as GDS on compassionate grounds will be determined on the basis of his/her initial date of joining the GDS post and his/her position in the seniority list of GDS of the Unit concerned will be determined accordingly.

6. The Head of the Circle is vested with the power of termination of engagement for non compliance of the conditionts) in the offer of compassionate engagement.

7. This memo is issued after the approval of the minutes of the Committee on Compassionate Engagement (CCE) by the Head of the Circle.

8. (a) The applicants have been provisionally approved for engagement against regular GDSvacant post, subject to the following conditions:

1. Production of SSLCPass certificate (Marks Card) issued by a recognized Board with passing Marks in Mathematics and English and should have studied the local language 1.e. Kannada at least up to 10th standard (as compulsory or elective subject) as declared by the State Government or as per the constitutional provisions relating to the 8th schedule of Constitution of India.

2. Production of declaration that applicant will look after all the dependents of deceased GDS.

3. Fulfillment of prescribed eligibility conditions.

4. Production of at least 60 days duration computer training certificate in prescribed format.

5. Production of declaration regarding knowledge of cycling.

6. Production of caste/community certificate in prescribed format.

7. Verification of certificates and completion of all formalities.

8. (b) In cases where SSLC certificate or 60 days duration computer training certificate were not provided, relaxation will be given as per the Directorate letter no. 17-01/2017-GDS dated 09-02-2022 for the post of Oak Sevak and considerable time to be given up to maximum of 3 years for acquiring required education qualification.

8. (c) The Divisional Heads should ensure that all above listed documents are obtained duly verified by the verifying authority and kept on record in their office.

9. The guidelines issued by the Postal Directorate vide letter Nos 17-23/2016 GDS-vol-(IV) dated 08.04.2020 and 17-01/2017-GDS (Vol-I) dated 12.11~~21 circulated vide this office letter Nos. STAI22-12/Misc-Olgs/2019 dated 23.10.2020, R&E/2-5/RLGS/V dated 25.11.2021 and 17-01/2017-GDS (Vol-I) dated 09.02.2022 respectively may also be referred to.

10. The Committee keeping in view the guidelines governing the scheme of compassionate engagement and after going through all the relevant factors and indigence of the cases received for consideration, Rejected/Did Not Recommend 2 cases as mentioned in ANNEXURE - II.

11. The Committee referred 2 cases mentioned in ANNEXURE-III to the Next CCE for the reasons mentioned therein. The receipt of this memo may be acknowledged .

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