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    PLI RPLI Camps/Mela | Holding/Schedule of PLI/RPLI Camps/Melas/drives in the month of July 2022

                              Ministry of Commmunientions, Depertment of Posts


    Chanakyapuri Post Office Complex, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021


    No. 39-02/2022-L1 Dated: 01.07.2022

    Subject: Holding of PLI/RPLI Camps/Melas/drives in the month of July 2022 - reg


    This is regarding holding of camps/melas/procurement drives for procuring PLI and RPLI business in the month of July 2022.

    2. For the month of July 2022, the schedule of new business procurement drive for PLI and RPLI has been fixed as under:

    PLI : 06.07.2022 (Wednesday) & 20.07.2022 (Wednesday)

    RPLI: 07.07.2022 (Thursday) & 21.07.2022 (Thursday)

    3. Accordingly, Circles are requested to organize camps/melas for procurement of new business on 6th , 7th ,20th  & 21st  July 2022 respectively.


    4. Circles are requested to kindly ensure that maximum number of new policies are procured on these four days (i.e. 6th , 7th  ,20th  & 21st  July 2022), so that achievement in the month of July 2022 is greater than previous months

    5. Information in the prescribed format (enclosed) may be sent to PLI Directorate by 8 July 2022 & 22™ July 2022 positively.

    6. This issues with approval of the competent authority.


    (Shiv Kumar)

    Assistant Director (PLI)

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