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NFPE (National Federation of Postal Employees) Strike Notice 2022 | NFPE Postal Strike Charter of Demands on Corporatization of DOP


1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, North Avenue, New Delhi – 110001. ALL INDIA POSTAL EMPLOYEES UNION - GDS New Delhi


 No. NFPE/Strike/2022 Dated: 11.07.2022




In accordance with the provisions of sub Section (1) of Section 22 of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947, we hereby notify that all cross sections of Postal Employees including GDS/Part- Time/Casual Labour will go on One day Nationwide Postal Strike on 04 August-2022 at the call of National Federation of Postal Employees & All India Postal Employees Union - GDS. This strike is mainly against the Corporatization move of the Government in Postal Department apart from other sectional issues. Even after the strike if the Department as well as the Govt. move further with Agenda of Corporatization, we would have no option but to resort to greater form of Trade union action in future.


The Charter of Demands is enclosed herewith:

CHARTER OF DEMANDS of Postal Union are as follows:

(a) Stop corporatization move in Postal Department in name of Dak Mitra Scheme, Common Service Centre. Stop migration of POSB into IPPB Ltd.

(b) Withdraw RTN, Stop abolishing of RMS sections and resume all transit sections of RMS. Strengthen L-2 offices. Withdraw recent order dated 30.06.2022 where in merger of CRC with ICH & NSH in a single Hub had been instructed.

(c) Stop Nodal Delivery Centres for Delivery of Parcels and Central Delivery Centres delivery of Speed Post Letters.

(d) Stop downsizing and decentralisation of Postal Accounts

(e) Scrap New Pension Scheme and restore Old Pension Scheme. Grant compensation for no deposit or delayed deposit of contribution under NPS.

f) Withdraw orders of putting restriction for holding two terms in union and implementation of Rule 15(i)(c) of CCS (Conduct) Rules — 1964. Stop attack on unions.

g) Ensure consistent and fast NSP-1connectivityto all offices, supported by adequate NSP-2 backup. .

h) Enhance capacity of Finacle server. Ensure convenient availability of SAP and Employees.

i) Grant status and social security to GDS. Immediate membership verification of GDS.

j) Implement all pending economic (particularly with reference to Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report) and organisational issues of GDS. Drop recent Directorate OM No. 17-31/2016-GDS dated

11.02.2022 practically banning on engagement of GDS substitutes.

k) Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres including HSG-II/HSG-I posts by relaxing the norms. Allow HSG-| RMS officials to take part in PSS Group ‘B’ and AAO Exam. Fill up vacant posts of Canteen Staff. Recruitment should be made by the Department of Post instead of SSC. Grant of Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountants.

l) Implementation of Cadre restructuring committee Report of All Wings. Inclusion of civil wing staff to the Postal Departmental Exams. Implementation of Revamping of Postal Civil wings. Implement further Cadre Restructuring in Group ‘C’ Cadre.

m) Stop attack on trade unions and trade union victimization.

n) Grant compensation Rs. Ten Lakh to the family of deceased employee due to Covid. Grant of Compulsory Compassionate appointment to one ward of the deceased employee due to Covid-19.

o) Maintain separate Identity of all Cadres i.e. PA CO/PA SBCO etc.

p) Stop harassment of officials in the name of unscientific business targets, Login, Maha login days for IPPB Ltd. and other business related works and compelling the officials to work on Sunday and Holidays for melas etc.

q) Conduct physical meetings of all types regularly at all levels.

r) Stop harassment of SBCO officials in the name of contributory negligence factor. SBCO should be brought under control of DA(P) / GM(Finance) with change in nomenclature.

s) Conduct Departmental Exams of Postal Accounts at the earliest. Grant SCF quota to Sr. Accountant for promotion in AAO Cadre. Allow Postal Accounts officials in PSS Group ‘B’ Exam.


t) Payment of DA/DR arrears for 18th months with held period and grant notional benefit for pensionery payments for the officials who retired during this period.


U) Regularization of all Casual/DRM and timely payment of salary. Absorb Part-time, Full time Casual labourers against MTS and GDS vacancies.

v) Five Days week in Postal, RMS & MMS offices.

w) 50% Quota in PA/SA LGO Examination to the Postman/Mail Guard/MTS and GDS.

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