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    PNOP - Specifications of Delivery Bag to be used by Postmen/ Delivery personnel assigned to 2- wheeler beats in Parcel Nodal Delivery Centres (NDCs)

    Order no. 1/2022 . No. 1-1/2018-PD. Government of India. Ministry of Communications. Department of Posts (Parcel Directorate)

    Malcha Marg Post Office Complex. Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021 

    Dated: 03 January 2022


    All Heads of Circles

    Subject: Specifications of Delivery Bag to be used by Postmen/ Delivery personnel assigned to 2- wheeler beats in Nodal Delivery Centres (NDCs).

    Kindly refer to this office letter of even no. dated 3rd October, 2018 vide which specifications of Delivery Bag to be used by Postmen/ Delivery personnel assigned to 2-wheeler beats in Nodal Delivery Centres (NDCs) were shared with the Circles.

    2. The aforesaid specifications are reiterated as under:

    Parameter                    Value

    Bag Dimensions-     45 cm X 35 cm X 56 cm (Length X Breadth X Height)

    Weight of the Bag - Maximum weight 2 kg

    Carrying Capacity - 30 kg or more

    Material -                  Waterproof and washable

    Straps - 

    • Heavy duty fully adjustable padded shoulder straps for carrying the bag on the shoulders

    •  Heavy duty fully adjustable padded hip belt with clip lock for locking the bag on the waist

    •  Adjustable compression tape straps on both sides to compress the

    bag according to the needs

    • Handle straps on the two sides for lifting the bag

    Other Requirements

    • Padded back for added comfort while carrying

    •  Bottle holder on one side for carrying 1 litre water bottle

    •  Large pouch on one side to carry stationary items


    Pre-printed India Post logo on three sides of the bag (except the back side of the bag where the carrying straps are present for carrying the bag on shoulder)

    Colour of the Bag: 

    Post office Red (C: 20 M: 100 Y: 100 K: O) Permanent colour which should not fade after wash

    3.  Further, it is hereby specified that the prescribed life of the aforesaid Delivery Bags shall be two years from the date of supply of Bags to Postmen/ Delivery personnel. Upon completion of two years of before. if a Bag, on account of wear and tear, is not usable, replacement thereof should be ensured.

    4.  Delivery Bags as per above specifications may, if not already done, be procured/ replaced and supplied to all Postmen/ Delivery personnel assigned to 2-wheeler beats in Nodal Delivery Centres (NDCs) and usage thereof ensured.

    (Ajay Kumar Roy) Chief General Manager

    Copy to:

    1. DDG (IRAGB), Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-11000i, for information

    2. DDG (MO), Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001, for information

    3. GM (Operations). CEPT, Mysuru. with request to upload the order on India Post website

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