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One India One Parcel | Implementation of One India One Parcel letter dated 21.01.2022

No. 6-04/2018-PD. Government of India. Ministry of Communications. Department of Posts (Parcel Directorate)

Malcha Marg Post Office Complex

Chanakyapuri, New Dethi-110021

Dated: 21 January 2022

Sub: Implementation of One India One Parcel.

A kind reference is invited to your letter no. R-III/25/One India One Parcel dated 27.12.2021 regarding the subject matter,

2.In this regard, the requisite para wise inputs in respect of implementation of One India One Parcel from Parcel Directorate are as under:

I. Unique color coding for speed post Parcel labels: - All Head of circles have already been requested to share the operational / technical issues if any which are Preventing the processing of all kind of parcels at single location i.e. Parcel hub by the circles vide this office letter number 27-06/2021-PD (2) dated 02.12.2021 Once the issues are reported by all the circles, the same would be suitably addressed by this Directorate

II. Lack of Operative space: - Estimated volumes for Automated and Manual sorting locations were shared with the circles vide this Directorate letter number 17-24/2019-PD dated 13.09.2019 and Circles were requested to initiate the process of redesigning of existing space or identifying new space where Capacities for handling these volumes can be created, This is also to inform here that Estates Division is framing a standard long term leasing policy in view of constraints faced by the circles while relocating parcel hubs to other suitable locations.

III. Lack of Proper Establishment: - Before implementation of One India One Parcel speed post parcels were being dealt in NSH / ICH across the country. Since the processing of speed post parcels has been started in Parcel Hubs, volume in NSH/ICHs has been reduced Circles will be advised for suitable deployment of manpower for handling all type of parcels in parcel hubs.

IV. Adoption of unscientific wave system: Detailed instructions regarding processing of all kind of parcels including speed post parcel hubs were circulated to all the circles vide this office letter number 17-06/2021-PD dated 26.10.2021 whereby it was suggested to process the speed post parcels and other type of parcels separately in Parcel Hub to avoid inter mingling due to different mode of transmission for speed post parcels and other kind of parcels. Circles were suggested to adopt wave wise concept for processing of speed post parcel and other kind of parcels so that handling of parcels on floor may be avoided by the staff. Circles were also suggested that if required dedicated sets for processing different type of parcels may be run by the circles after reviewing the mail arrangements and other related conditions.

V. Need for Infrastructure: - Specifications of all the standard equipment’s to be used in parcel hubs have already been shared with the circles. While approving layout of parcel hubs by this Directorate circles have been suggested to procure additional equipment's keeping in mind the projected volume due to handling of speed post parcels at parcel hubs. Sufficient funds have already been allotted to the circles in this regard by this Directorate.

VI. Unscientific mapping of parcel conveyance: - Parcel Network Optimization Project (PNOP) has been undertaken to streamline Parcel operations whereby redesigned operational processes and standard operational equipment were introduced in Parcel Hubs, The optimized network was discussed with all the Circles in meetings wherein the locations of Parcel Hubs were decided based on three factors- geographical constraints, connectivity issues and number of Post Offices mapped to a hub and modifications suggested by Circles. After such modifications, the finalized 

Parcel network presently contains 189 Parcel Hubs (57-Level 1 PH & 132- Level 2 PH). Parcel network is distinct from Speed post network and the two networks will not be co-terminus or overlapping at all locations. Upgradation of Parcel hubs at NSH locations without any further operational justification is not feasible.

VII. Need for proper operational Norms: - Proposal for conducting work study for evaluation of time factor & norms for RMS offices including Parcel Hubs is under consideration with Mails Division, Office wise job list for activities involved in the functioning of Parcel Hubs has already been asked from concerned circles vide Mail Operations Division letter number 6-2/2015-D  (Pt.) dated 15.12.2021:

3 This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.


Dy.General Manager

Copy to: DDG (MO) Dak Bhawan

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