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    SOP for Processing BO New Account Opening Requests at SO/AO | 2021

     Post CBS CSI GL Integration, CBS transaction are reflected in CSI-DTR automatically in respective GLs on same date which can be view on next day. This step of the department enabled to reduce physical work as well as proper accounting of banking transaction. However it is noticed that many of SOs are not following proper procedures in finacle which attracts non-reflection of CBS transaction in their DTR. 

    Main objective of preparing this document is to educate all our staff for proper processing of BO new Account opening requests generated through RICT device in Finacle at AO/SO for smooth flow of CBS transactions to SAP DTR without any delay or error. As most of the reason for non-reflection of CBS transactions in DTR, is due to wrong processing of BO New Account opening requests in its Account Office/ Sub Post Office. 

    Following process will be elaborated in this document for easy hand. 
    1. Checking of no. of new account & Amount requested by BO for opening for date in Finacle and SAP at Account Office. 

    2. Process of opening new SB Account requested by BO at AO/SO. 

    3. Process of opening new SSA Account requested by BO at AO/SO. 

    4. Process of opening of new RD/TD Account requested by BO at AO/SO. 

    5. Reversal of duplicate RICT Unique No generated by BO at AO/SO. 

    6. Disposal of approved BO High Value transaction after 15days. 

    7. Point of Contact in case of any mistakes done in Finacle during CBS transaction. 

    8. Point of Contact in case of non-reflection of CBS transactions in DTR.

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