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Doorstep Banking Charges of IPPB will be started from 04.10.2020

Subject: Doorstep Banking Charges being introduced from 1st October, 2020 

As you know that Doorstep Banking Charges was an important revenue stream for the bank when the bank had started operations in Sept, 2018,. However it was stopped due to geo-fencing issue and the correct geo-tagging issue of all the access points. The geo-tagging has since been done by the branches meticulously and also a pop-up feature has been developed which gives the indication to the End-user about the DSB charges which may be levied for the transaction to the customer. (Based on this the customer can decide to avail the service or not.)

Currently the charges are applicable only for IPPB customer transactions.(list attached)

Bank is going to Introduce Doorstep Banking charges with effect from 1st of October, 2020.

Few Head starts:

  • Pricing: INR 20 + applicable GST
  • No distinction between Cash, Non-Cash, Financial & Non-Financial transactions, all transactions will be charged same
  • Few transactions shall continue to be FREE on doorstep (Attached list)
  • Service area : 300 metres from home access point
  • Charges Pop-Up: There will be a Pop-up on MATM devices for charges of Doorstep while making the transaction, if the End user is outside the service area of access point at this point end user can inform the customer and further customer can make the decision as whether to go with transaction or not


  • Ticker (Scrolling band) on website
  • Communication push on MATM devices (On both the customer pricing and End user incentive)
  • Pop-Up before any Doorstep transaction

The incentive will apply for all the DSB charges being levied and collected by the end users as usual @25% to L0, 4.5% to L1 and 0.5% to L2.




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